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No one wants to get scammed. And we all know it sucks when it happens. But, if you have nice things, there is someone plotting against you. So we have put together this page for all of you, in hopes that it helps you to never get scammed. To ensure you do not get scammed, always check everything before accepting! Make sure if you are using a MM, it is an actual trusted MM, and not a fake. Do not fall victim! We all worked hard for what we have, and we shouldn't have to worry about getting scammed, but sadly we do :(

#1) RECORD EVERYTHING! When making trades, its always best to record everything! This way, if you do end up getting scammed, you have it all recorded. I record all my trades, and I make it known that I am doing so. This will most likely deter scammers from continuing with the trade. But it also gives you proof if they do in fact scam you.

#2) NEVER GO FIRST! Scammers use a tactic where they will ask you to go first in a trade. Most trades should be done in one trade session, So you should never have to send weapons first then wait for another trade request. If you are trading for something that requires multiple trade requests (ex: Chromas), USE A TRUSTED MIDDLE MAN! More info on Trusteds in #3.

#3) TRUSTED MIDDLE MEN. Due to the ever growing number of fake MMs, we will no longer support them here at MM2Values. Our affiliates may still offer these services. If you are to use a MM, please ensure you are using an actual trusted MM. Look for irregularities in the usernames, join dates, and in game levels.

#4) LENDING/BORROWING. Never lend out your weapons! Especially to someone you hardly know! I can't tell you how many times I have been DM'd about someone lending out a weapon, and the person who "borrowed" it would leave the server and block them. Most people you are friends with on Roblox are people you really don't know in real life. This makes it super easy for someone to scam you and not feel bad about it.

#5) Cons. You need to watch out for Cons. Scammers use alts or friends to run cons all the time. One of the most common is the Scammer/Victim Con. The scammer will find servers with people with large inventories, load in an alt with a godly, and then "run the scam". The "Victim" will pretend to be extremely sad, in hopes that they will have someone give them a free godly. Once they receive the free item, they leave and sometimes even boast about the con they just pulled off. Another one that is common is people just saying they were scammed, in hopes to get free godlys. Just be careful.

#6) Code Cons. People will say they have codes for Godlys such as Eternal Cane. After you make the trade, they give you a bogus code and block you. Do not trade for codes! Tell them to redeem it themselves and then make the trade. Another is the Robux Game Card Con. They say they have a game card code, and after you send them the items, they send you a bogus code. These types of trades should just be avoided, as it goes against Roblox ToS, but more than likely end up a scam anyways.

#7) Sharking. Sharking is when someone intentionally lies about values, in order to gain value for themselves. Always use the value list! We do not leak values before we post them. So when someone says its going down, chances are its a lie, and they are trying to shark you. Use our Trade Checker to see if the trades are worth it or not.

#8) Avoid Cross Trading. Cross trading is where you trade items from one game for items of another game (ex: MM2 items for Assassin Items). Cross trading is against ToS (Terms of Service), and should not be done. If however, you decide to do a cross trade, make sure to use a Trusted MM. It is very easy to get scammed if you don't use one.

#9) Avoid Black Market Deals. Black market deals are buying/selling items from MM2. This is also against Roblox ToS (meaning if they find out, you can get banned). Again, if you decide to do a BM (Black Market) deal, use a Trusted MM. Buying and selling weapons (esp without a MM) is a real gamble, because you need to trust that the person you are buying from will actually give you the items, or the person you are selling to will actually pay. Selling for PayPal is also a horrible idea, as the buyer can dispute the transaction, forcing you to pay it back and they make off with your weapons for free. It is best to avoid buying and selling at all costs.

#10) Duping Scam. The Duping Scam is when someone says they can "Duplicate" an item, and asks for your weapons to "Dupe" it. When you give the item, they just leave. I have seen this happen a few times. And while duping is a HUGE NO-NO... And you should know better than to even attempt it... It is still something you should watch for.

Other Thing To Watch For

#1) External Files. People create exploit apps, which can alter gameplay. Some have been found to have keylogger or trojans attached to them. Some files dont seem to load, but they infact infect your device. This is actually been a big issue as of late. They will even use popular games to get you. One hack, is labeled as a item duping glitch, but when you load it, it steals your information. These programs are against Roblox ToS and shouldn't be used to begin with, but you also run the risk of losing your account. Just please be careful what you download.

#2) Audio File Hack. This hack gets people because, you honestly wouldnt think a seemingly harmless audio file could create such havok... But guess what, it does. Basically, someone will ask you to retreive an audio file off roblox for them. When you send the file, it has info stored inside which they can use to steal your account. So never send files you have to retrieve off roblox to someone else.

#3) RobloxSecurity Cookies!!! NEVER GIVE SOMEONE YOUR ROBLOXSECURITY COOKIE INFORMATION!!! JUST DONT DO IT. DONT! OK?! GOOD! Seriously tho, if someone gets your cookie info, they can steal your account. Never send it to anyone.

#4) Sketchy Sites. There are a lot of sites on the web, that are not what they are advertised as. Make sure you check up on sites before going to them. Never put in your Roblox password on any site, Phishing sites are everywhere. Also, those "Free Robux" sites are scams, and could potentially compromise your device/information. Just be careful when viewing those sites.

Be Proactive! If you see someone you think is about to be scammed, LET THEM KNOW! If someone is trying to shark someone, SPEAK UP! There is no place in the Roblox MM2 Community for scammer and sharkers. It is just not right. If you think you are about to witness a scam, record the whole interaction, and send us the proof! Let's be there for each other, and help each other out! We are not just a community, we are a family! And we should be looking out for one another!

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