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MM2 Values Scammer List
This is where you will find the worst, most scummiest people playing MM2. These people have scammed, some multiple times. We are listing them here to warn you all, before trading these individuals. Always use this and the old lists before trading people you do not know! Also use our Scam Prevention Tips linked in the site's navigation (to the left). If you are on this list, you can appeal it on our Discord.

Most Recent
Go First
Fake MM
Bet Scam
Taking Items
Cross Trade
Scam Attempts
Taking Items
JxordaxnnProof 1
Notes: User went second and did not trade back when the user did not have the rest of the promised items.

Fal_conXProof 1 ; Proof 2 ; Proof 3
Notes: Proof 1 - User used the middleman DeadIyStorm to get an item by luring the trader using another account called Fluentional (Vx_oY). Proof 2 & 3 - User ran off with the items. ~ User scammed on the account Vx_oY.

jemp0301Proof 1
Notes: User worked with the fake middleman Brother_20 to take the item and not give the rest of the promised items.

Awesomebluestar10Proof 1
Notes: User claimed to be a middleman who was able to duped and fled with the items.

TimmNClashProof 1 ; Proof 2 ; Proof 3
Notes: User worked with the fake middleman Zyxlezz to take the items. Proof 3 - User admitted to scamming.

notyourluhverrProof 1
Notes: User ran off with the item after luring the trader with robux.

vFluffyxProof 1
Notes: User worked with the fake middleman tytytheman49 to take the items.

xST0M4CH_AC1DxProof 1
Notes: User worked with the fake middleman xBRA1N_AC1Dx to take the item.

kevinpistfProof 1 ; Proof 2
Notes: User worked with the fake middleman Mzrqs to take the items. Proof 2 is extra proof of not receiving the payment.

BenRanger2011Proof 1 ; Proof 2
Notes: Proof 1: User did not give the rest of the promised items. Proof 2: User did not give back the item after the trader did not want to do the trade at the time.

Galaxyflower197Proof 1
Notes: User who did not own a group claimed to be offering robux for items and did not give back the item.

Dany_WeirdoProof 1 ; Proof 2
Notes: Proof 1: User fled the bet and the fake middleman zoumy_2006 did not give the promised items and ran off with the items. Proof 2: User offered robux and worked with the fake middleman zoumy_2006 to take the items.

yourloserrNateProof 1
Notes: User took the item and did not give the item back.

mustafajan66Proof 1 ; Proof 2
Notes: Proof 1: Go first Proof 2:Borrowing

ZyxlezzProof 1
Notes: Agrees to give smalls for chroma lightbringer, only gives 4 items and leaves with the chroma.

dayton166Proof 1 ; Proof 2
Notes: Agreed to trade 2 heats, luger, corrupt, spider, 12 seers, fang and frostsaber for chroma gingerblade and left after completing the first trade.

carlos_89048 Proof 1
Notes: working with a fake middleman named cxniki

eli3nProof 1
Notes: Told victim he would buy icewing for 1600 robux, got him to give the item to a fake mm, once they had the item they both left.

emomindsProof 1
Notes: uses a fake MM to scam people out of items. He works with AnxietyShear

HighDezzProof 1
Notes: 14xNostalgic second fake mm scammer

lxserchiIdProof 1
Notes: leaving server in the middle of trade after taking chroma.

Mr_Krabs83Proof 1
Notes: User claimed the trades were glitched, promised to rejoin but left with the items instead.

Avenger533Proof 1
Notes: went second and admitted to scamming

iimad_xmarkProof 1
Notes: According to the reporter, he was saying the trades were broken. Said he was gonna rejoin then blocked him and never rejoined

tightfit0057Proof 1

ProfessorBloxxProof 1
Notes: working with blueberryjuulpod

blueberryjuulpodProof 1
Notes: working with ProfessorBloxx

Whitmore0913Proof 1

hiimadam4Proof 1
Notes: working with viiPeR_FusioN10

viiPeR_FusioN10 Proof 1
Notes: working with hiimadam4

JegesnoobProof 1

mastershadow1233Proof 1

iii_RxulProof 1

Masterofskyrim3000Proof 1 1

egav123Proof 1

JianPlaysRoblox2Proof 1

tomsen1106Proof 1
Notes: tomsen1106 account is disabled or banned. provided link to the group he owns.

X_XlbossProof 1

T1xcProof 1

robloxdangerBoiProof 1

Notes: takes the items first and doesnt trade

ismailadnanProof 1
Notes: reporter said: Im accepting trade first with batwing and ginger luger then he must send me grade 2k rbx, but when im accept he said im stupid and never get rbx, then he give me my ginger luger back and said he wanted to scamm for all, but he give me "chance" and then he left.

extriker_ytProof 1
Notes: Reporter said: He wanted clockwork and frostbird or batwing in first trade. Then i said i will give it in next trade, he said ok... and then he trolling me, said "done", "im send", "check it again" and then he left ;-;*

iiLimitedJakeProof 1
Notes: "I was giving orange seer for red scratch and all his salvagable weapons, after the first trade where I gave orange seer, he left without giving me any of the salvagable weapons."

Champhart101Proof 1
Notes: what the person who got scammed said. this was the trade for his chroma ginger blade i ask him to give all my valueable stuff and he said ok and how do we do the trade and then i said i can call mm from neverland pirates on NeverLand Pirates and then he said no so its ok to me its my dream knife and then i gave all my small like Spider and America and Flames and CC and FrostSaber after i gave that all he leave


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