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MM2 Values Scammer List
This is where you will find the worst, most scummiest people playing MM2. These people have scammed, some multiple times. We are listing them here to warn you all, before trading these individuals. Always use this and the old lists before trading people you do not know! Also use our Scam Prevention Tips linked in the site's navigation (to the left). If you are on this list, you can appeal it on our Discord.

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Fake MM
Bet Scam
Taking Items
Cross Trade
Scam Attempts
Borrow Scams
ii_KilxyProof 1
Notes: The user didnt return the victims item and left the game.

Towerof_helllover12Proof 1
Notes: The user did a "trust trade" with the victim and refused to return the given items.

ViridianX2Proof 1
Notes: User borrowed the items and ran off with them.

vAdiosAliaProof 1
Notes: User trust traded and ran off with the item.

pokemeeoeesProof 1
Notes: User trust traded and ran off with the item.

ddivoohProof 1
Notes: User was with a friend (swisscottege) and was trusted with items to try on for fun. The user ran off with the item after receiving the Eternal III.

dtixfeopProof 1
Notes: User trust traded and admitted to scamming the item in the trust trade.

XxkamalshadowXxProof 1
Notes: User trust traded and ran off with the item.

jeantebo20Proof 1

andyman323Proof 1
Notes: User borrowed an item and refused to give it back.

satoocProof 1
Notes: User borrowed the item and ran off with it. Proof of the scam is at 8:30-11:00; 15:20-18:00; 23:20-28:00; 30:20-32:30; 39:00-40:50; 1:14:40-1:15:00.

8xtryProof 1
Notes: Borrowed lightbringer, darkbringer and jack, didnt return them.

TheSlayerMan511Proof 1
Notes: Asked to borrow Bioblade and never returned it

Juniorcuhh4Proof 1

Orangebananas1Proof 1
Notes: Orangebananas1 said he wanted to give this person Tides for free because he was going to quit. Asked to borrow Splitter and left the server instead of giving it back.


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