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MM2 Values Scammer List
This is where you will find the worst, most scummiest people playing MM2. These people have scammed, some multiple times. We are listing them here to warn you all, before trading these individuals. Always use this and the old lists before trading people you do not know! Also use our Scam Prevention Tips linked in the site's navigation (to the left). If you are on this list, you can appeal it on our Discord.

Most Recent
Go First
Fake MM
Bet Scam
Taking Items
Cross Trade
Scam Attempts
10 Most Recent Entries
All_DominusProof 1
Notes: User offered robux and ran off with the items.

simplyxmaciProof 1
Notes: User offered Adopt Me and ran off with the item.

robomaster452Proof 1
Notes: User fled the bet and did not give the promised item.

vqrsacheProof 1 ; Proof 2 ; Proof 3
Notes: Scammer left and unfriended the trader after being given the item.

PeriodicLol910Proof 1
Notes: User admitted to scamming. Alt account: rickyxxxxricky.

Mikisen28Proof 1
Notes: User didnt give give promised robux for Chroma Shark.

0kayEricaaProof 1
Notes: User was losing and fled the bet.

Glitchy_MobProof 1
Notes: User refused to give the item after losing in a bet.

asap_yess1rProof 1 ; Proof 2 ; Proof 3 ; Proof 4
Notes: Proof 1 - User offered to dupe and did not give back the item when the other user wanted it traded back. Part 1 can be found on the YouTube channel of proof 1. Proof 2 & 3 - User fled the bets and did not give the promised items. Proof 4 - User went second and fled without giving the last promised item.

giancakaProof 1
Notes: User fled after losing the bet and did not give the promised item.


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