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Welcome to MM2 Values!
Your official Murder Mystery 2 value list.

Since 2017, when we got together and started MM2 Values, you guys have shown us so much love and support. And we are continuously growing every day! In the 2018 Xmas Event, Nikilis showed some love, using our values for the godly shard count. Our team has grown as well, even adding a "Community Values Team". Their job is to get the community input, frequent trading servers to see what things are going for, etc. We can not thank you all enough for all your support! Make sure to check out our team's groups, linked below!

Be advised! There are YT videos claiming an app can dupe MM2 weapons. It is impossible for them to work as described, and the app has been verified a virus. DO NOT USE THEM!

MM2Values Roblox Group
MM2 Values Discord
JD's Roblox Group
JD's Discord

NP Discord
NP RBX Group
HH Discord
HH RBX Group
MM Discord
MM RBX Group
MRF Discord
MM2GT Discord

Message from LADiii @ MassMurderers
Hello everyone!
It is coming up on Mass Murderers 2nd Anniversary! We are so thankful that so many of you continue to support the server since launch and all the new people that have come along the way. To celebrate we are hosting a bunch of giveaways & game nights to not only celebrate the server but to thanks everyone that has joined and helped us make it be what it is today. Starting this weekend (September 19th), we are hosting Karaoke night. Check the server for the times.

Message from Sasha @ Neverland Pirates
Neverland Pirates will be hosting it's 2nd Annual Neverland Spooktacular this October!

- What is the Neverland Spooktacular? Starting October 1st, Neverland Pirates will be hosting fun-filled events and giveaways for each day of October! That means, 31 Days, 31 Events!

Events will include:
- Giveaways, Shindigs, Contests, Activity Contest, Cool Prizes, and more!

Throughout each 31 days of October, we will host fun events, as well as use an activity bot to determine the TOP 31 Most Active Users throughout October. At the end of October, each user and their rank will be put into a raffle to determine the winner of our main prize: VIOLET FANG LIMITED! (As well as a ROBLOX giftcard for Premium, and a $10 Discord Nitro!)

We're very excited to bring this event to YOU! We hope to see you there and stay tuned for more updates and information! Make sure to spread the word, and thank you!

Trading Server 9
Status: Running
Trading Server 10
Status: Running
Trading Server 1
Status: Running
Trading Server 5
Status: Running
Trading Server 8
Status: Running
Trading Server 7
Status: Running
Trading Server 2
Status: Running
Trading Server 4
Status: Running
Trading Server 6
Status: Running
Trading Server 3
Status: Running

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