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Welcome to Dubs' Arcade! Beta
Select from tons of Flash games/Animations, and play for FREE! Desktop Only.
From the classics & flash games, to newer releases. Have fun and enjoy yourself! ;)

Thank you for visiting Dubs' Arcade. This site uses, a Flash Emulator. Below are some FAQs and Topics brought up during testing. If you still need help, you can email me

Why Desktop Only?
Flash games were popular before mobile devices were "what they are today"Smart". Back in the early 2000s, we didnt have smart phones. So back then, the only way to play Flash games was on a desktop. Most games require a keyboard/mouse to play.

Slow Load Times
Load times vary, pending file size, and server usage. Since we use as an emulator, load times may take a few seconds longer. Generally load times are within a few seconds.

Can I Play Full Screen?
Yes, if you right-click on the game, a menu will pop up with a couple options. One of those options is "Full Screen". Simply press "ESC" key to exit full screen play.

Cant Submit Scores...
Since a lot of the sites behind the games are no longer around, and these games are between 10-20 years old, the scripts to submit scores no longer work.

Can I Submit A Game?
If you know of a Flash game that isnt listed, you can most certainly email me with a copy of the game or a link to it, and submit it. We are always looking for new additions to the site.

Why Make This Site?
Yes I was asked this a few times lol. I made this site for the nostalgia factor. As of Dec 2020, Flash files will no longer be supported by all the web browsers. A lot of these games were a big part of my teen years, and I would hate to see them die.

Help Support Us
Running this site takes a lot of work, and takes up a huge amount of server space. If you would like to help keep the site alive, you can donate to us at Also every game has a "Share" button, sharing the site will help spread the word.

Support The People Who Made This Possbile!
This site wouldnt be possible without the genius minds behind and BlueMaxima FP9. It would be awesome if you all showed them some love! Take a minute to visit their sites and at least share them.

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